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Kelly is a visual communicator at her core. Combine over two decades in advertising and design as a commercial designer, creative leader and strategic director, with an impressive depth of experience (that comes from working with some of the worlds largest agencies on some of the worlds biggest brands) and you get all the ingredients needed for a successful independent agency.

Add an ever-increasing need for brands to expand their voice into experiential and environmental territories alongside Kelly’s love of design, architecture and visual communications… and Bingo! The Stripe Collective was born in 2008 and has been a success ever since.

Her offering is holistic and covers all the needs of her clients from strategy, branding and positioning all the way through to design, build and ongoing communications if required.

It’s not about trends. It’s about what’s right for the brand. I build identities and environments from the brand up, often including the brand itself, ergo no project I design could ever be alike.”  ~ Kelly Dickinson