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Prue Harrison

HS_PruePrue Harrison  is an entrepreneur at heart with the soul of creative. Her excellent project management and administration skills enable us to focus on what we do best. Design branded spaces.

She began her career in London’s rough ‘n’ tumble advertising industry and has applied those hard won lessons to Singapore’s thriving marketing communications sector.

Her experience and knowledge of local, regional and global business is an invaluable asset. Her effervescent personality and humility makes even the most arduous tasks a joy.

Prue has led large and small teams to great success. She has worked on multinational branding and communications projects in Asia Pacific and helped countless clients not just realise their objectives but surpass all expectations. She has worked with Y&R, Ogilvy, DDB as well as local agencies for clients in the hospitality, travel, petrochemical and retail fields.

Prue is the glue that has held the Collective together since 2013.