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Kelly Dickinson, owner of The Stripe Collective, believes is that F&B, retail (and even work space) design should be engaging, immersive and holistic – delivering a fully developed brand identity in all its facets. She calls it the anti-fragmentalist approach, because much like humans, a brand is a complex being made up of many parts that form a whole. As such, every detail, every expression must be thoughtfully considered.

“To succeed in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace a brand must cultivate its own style, personality and tone-of-voice in order to be relevant and lasting. That’s what I do. Bring the brand to life and craft the all-important “brand story”. Then develop a design style and communication manner that reflect its qualities and character and tell the story by considering every detail and element that connects with consumers.

Brand stories need to be told through the design and creation of any number of elements – from logo marks, to art, to collaterals, to interior design… the list is endless – all of which engage consumers in what I call “conversations with the brand”. In other words, delivering a brand’s “DNA story” in multiple forms and multiple perspectives within a physical F&B environment and in its brand DNA. It’s the only way to be truly unique in this competitive landscape and stay top-of-mind with consumers.

From Brand to Space.” ~ Kelly Dickinson