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Kelly is a visual communicator at her core. Combine well over a decade in advertising as a commercial designer, creative and strategic director with a depth of training that came from working with some of the worlds largest agencies (and their amazing creative and business leaders) on some of the worlds biggest brands, and you get all the ingredients to branch out on your own.

Add an increasing need for brands to want to expand into “Experiential” & “Environmental” territories with Kelly’s love of design, architecture and visual communications… and Bingo! The Stripe Collective was born in 2008.

Focusing on F&B, Workspace and Retail, her offering is holistic and covers all the needs of her clients from strategy, branding and positioning all the way through to design, build and communications if required.

“I live the dream every day… utilising a broad and talented freelance team when needed, to design and build intelligent holistic brands and environments in which brands can breathe. It brings me so much enjoyment. 

Part of my inspiration began over a century ago during The Arts & Crafts Movement (1850 to 1914). These advocates of collaborative thinking used simple design methods and traditional craftsmanship. I fully believe in the collective power of artists, craftsmen, writers and designers, and I have always recognised the intrinsic value of handcrafted quality over mass-production. In today’s fast-paced, disposable world this is more relevant than ever before. It spells originality and uniqueness, which is very rare.

Like the Movement of old I am influenced by all sorts; natural surroundings, animals, plants, abstract forms, architecture, decorative features, popular culture…. practically anything that helps bring our brands to life in a relevant and engaging way – from the brand DNA upwards.

It’s not about trends. It’s about what’s right for the brand. I build environments from the brand up, ergo no project I design could ever be alike. If The Stripe Collective is anything, it’s certainly original in the brands and spaces it delivers.

I fully believe that good art and design can improve the life of creator and consumer alike, just as they advocated all those years ago. It is my raison d’être at The Stripe Collective and certainly why I do what I do every single day.”  ~ Kelly Dickinson