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The Challenge:

Although rooted in the classic, 3 Star Michelin Chef Bruno Menard has spent a lifetime traversing the globe and absorbing popular culture. Our challenge was to marry the adventurous spirit of Bruno and his classic food creations, into a casual eatery that takes burgers beyond anywhere they’d been before.

The Solution:

‘&MADE By Bruno Menard’ – a space that merges French Classic with Steam Punk, Contemporary, Urban and Digitalism to create a visual dialogue best described as Transformative Digi-Punk. Like Bruno with his food, we’ve taken traditional French ideas and given them a bold new interpretation. Classic French Panelling rebelliously jumps from wall to ceiling, where Victorian fabric creates a circuit board pattern. Ceramic – typically of 19th century French interiors – takes on a new form as pop-art-inspired ambient lighting that juxtaposes against classic mosaic tiles, with a twist of their own. The Traditional French Mosaic Tiles become pixelated murals featuring quirky characters and phrases that bind the digital world with an age-old technique. And Classic black and white Metro Tiles go against traditional expectations and application norms by merging together like sound levels on an old-school stereo.

This spirit of Transformative Digi-Punk also flows through all the other collaterals we designed including the menus, logo and the marketing collaterals, giving ‘&MADE By Bruno Menard’ a signature style as dynamic as its master chef’s personality.

  • Interior Design
  • Branding
  • Collateral
  • Digital
  • DM
  • POS
  • Trade