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La Cantine

The Challenge:
La Cantine By Bruno Menard is the latest venture with the acclaimed 3 Star Michelin Chef, a French brasserie refreshed. It’s classic French comfort food, playfully re-invented by a culinary maestro who’s mastered the rules and isn’t afraid to break them! Brand Bruno alive and well.

The Solution:
Our challenge was to create a space that exuded the warmth of a classic brasserie and stayed true to the whimsical, contemporary style of the cuisine while capturing the essence of “rule breaking”. So we borrowed elements from brasserie life and turned them on their head. In some cases, literally!

  • From the upside-down rooster logo featuring classic French icons in a new way, to the inverted Parisian cityscape of hand-carved wooden chandeliers watched over by topsy-turvy red rooster weathervane lights. Not to mention the tin-paneled ceiling that overflows elegantly onto the wall or the oversized and irregular table legs that flank the zinc bar… every delightful detail of a traditional brasserie has been playfully altered.
  • This sense of playfulness and rule breaking is heightened by floor-to-ceiling folding panels, featuring hand-carved French architectural facades, which separate the private dining area from the main space.
  • And it continues through every detail. From oversized classic wood panels that provide traditional brasserie warmth, while challenging your sense of scale, and mysterious drawers that climb endlessly up the walls, to the finest touches, like the brass Napoleonic bees and honeycomb detailing on the tables. Napoleon being the ultimate rebel!
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