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Le Petit Cancale

The Challenge:

To create a stand-out restaurant that would become a talking-piece along a road full of unique restaurants.


The Solution:

We decided to add to Singapore’s cultural landscape with an ostentatious Ocean Platter & Grill Restaurant, named in honour of Cancale, the oyster capital of Brittany.
Our integrated design concept for ‘Le Petit Cancale’ took inspiration from the fluid lines and organic forms of these tasty bivalves and their world beneath the waves. Every element was designed to enhance the delectable seafood on offer, to be as fresh as the produce and the dining experience.
We brought this freshness and fluidity to life by marrying traditional elements of Art Nouveau with our take on the artwork of Ernst Haeckel, a turn-of-the-century German Artist & Biologist, credited for bridging the gap between art and science.

We took his artistic style, illustrating sea-life in breathtaking detail, and detailed it into the signature cage lighting and elegant customised tiles. 

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