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Sabio By The Sea

The Challenge:
Sabio by the Sea is a restaurant inspired by the original Sabio Tapas Bar on Duxton Hill. The design brief was to maintain the essence from its more urban predecessor while adding a more laid-back charm justified by its location juxtaposed to a marina on Sentosa Island. It is the first example of a roll out variant planned for the Sabio brand.

The Solution:
The original Sabio was housed in a small shop house reflecting the size of taverns in late 1890’s Spain. The design inspiration was also taken from this era. The materials used like the tiles, antler lights and iconography were all inspired, yet modernised, from the same period. SBTS is a much larger outlet.

  • Our designs wanted to get away from the stereo typical bull and so we chose the Zebra due to the fact that the oldest remains, dating back to the time of Pangea and all continents were as one, were actually discovered in Spain and not Africa. This added a somewhat whimsical element to both outlets as also deployed by Salvador Dali.
  • A more nautical theme was envisaged for SBTS which is reflected in the use of nautical rope  as a ceiling feature and around the outdoor low rise tables.
  • The ceramic tiles used in Sabio were replaced by marine-ply timber studded tiles in SBTS with an eye on cost efficiency and return on investment criteria imposed by the client but with minimal effect to overall finish.
  • SBTS being a much larger outlet with an external section allowed for the introduction of outdoor furniture.
  • The art work was  inspired by liqueur labels, rural scenes, a matador and a flamenco dancer of the time. However a much brighter sun-kissed colour palate was deployed in SBTS an example being the bespoke indoor tables.
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