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The Challenge:

The existing Sauce Bar at The Esplanade was tired, run down, and blended into the surrounding F&B offerings.  The Butter Factory Group wanted to liven the place up and create a marvelous vintage bar that celebrated eating & drinking as a grand social affair to be enjoyed heartily.

The Solution:
We wanted to create something a little bit unusual for both the branding and the space; something that was both cozy and familiar, yet slightly strange and delightful.  The timber back bar nods towards an old Apothecary shop, and has miniature spiral staircases leading between the mirrored shelves, playing with scale.  Theatrical velvet curtains hang either side, floor to ceiling, and over the front bar hang dainty tea cups and saucers cleverly turned into pendent lights by TSC.

Victorian dining chairs sit alongside tartan covered arm chairs around hand carved dining tables designed to look like writing desks. No two pieces are the same. Waiter stations are actually oddly-scaled chests of drawers (for both humans and little creatures!) with harlequin patterns hand-painted all over them.  The banquette seating with its long gangly giraffe legs sits below artworks with what looks like circus performers climbing out of their frames…. but take another look, and you will see they are friendly animals with human characteristics!

Old fashioned lampshades in a multitude of different fabrics add a wonderful soft glow throughout the space.  Two bowler hat lights, hand carved out of teak, hang over the oversized velvet sofa. The walls are playfully covered in a bespoke wall covering also designed by The Stripe Collective, that looks like a collection of vintage wall papers pasted together.

Outside, a magical canopy of umbrellas shade dinners who sit on oversized and brightly-coloured park benches and timber ottomans (that have been carved to look like they are upholstered) while clustered around beautiful custom-made concrete table tops.