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The Green Door

The Challenge:

The Green Door is a bar inspired by the idea of a secret, magical garden. Not shying away from what makes Dempsey itself such a gem in the heart of a downtown Singapore, we wanted to create a place that both respected the surroundings and the architecture (colonial) while enhancing this true asset. Nowhere else in Singapore can you feel so “away from it all” and yet be so rooted in the city!

The Solution:

We created the brand “The Green Door” with a mind to generating curiosity… as to what lays behind the green door? A 7ft hand carved peeking bear (holding a glowing honey pot) over a semi-opaque wall adorned with a miniature green door and an enchanted pathway, all heighten the intrigue. We also wanted to root the idea that this bar, the only true bar in Dempsey, is a great before and after dinner spot, as well as nibbles and relaxing brunch options, it doesn’t hide from its true purpose, a chillaxed bar nestled in nature.

Our designs both explored the “indoor-outdoor garden vibe” and “the curiously magical atmosphere” with parts of the garden, its wall art and decorative animal sculptures almost coming to life around you… and the outside nature creeping in by way of elaborate ceiling lighting/sculptures inspired by flowers, wall sconces that play with shadows and silhouettes and branding graphics (seen throughout the collaterals) teeming with life… Not to mention the “bear on a penny farthing” weathervane overlooking it all!

There is also a strong up-cycled vibe, as we wanted to “waste-not-want-not” as much as possible. Chests of drawers and a bath tub become herb gardens for the bar-tenders use, bicycle parts become vanity cabinets and wall art, drawer fronts become a sprawling wall detail that pull out into high tables, created and trunks into lounge tables and jam-jars into pendant lighting clusters… all the kinds of things one might find in an old, overgrown garden have been put to use!