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The Challenge:

WOLF is a Nose to Tail restaurant located within the business district on Gemmill Lane offering whole-beast dining experience that respects the entire animal by using cuts from the nose all the way to the tail.  It’s the first time in Singapore that we are doing this kind of cuisine, so it’s been an education for us on how to brand the restaurant better and to get people interested. Everything from what we named the restaurant to getting people interested and increase foot flow on the street itself.

The Solution:

We started to create the buzz by developing an interesting hoarding, and through use of a playful and interactive visual display that can be viewed through a peephole. We wanted to express this in the interior and for WOLF to also be ideal for corporates looking for something different yet conducive for business lunches and dinners. Finding a way through design to reflect not only the food but the restaurant’s underlying concept. As always working in a shop house poses a challenge, this long narrow split level space and a requirement for a partial view into the kitchen. The design must be considered from the brand up in keeping with the same care and culinary creativity taken to prepare the meal. The unpretentious design is much like the food, simple and hearty. Classy without being oppressive, and as much a nod to the past traditions while leading the way to a new future. Simple good things. For example taking something as basic as demolition to a more artistic and crafted level, we enlisted the help of a local artist “Sean Dunston” to bring to life controlled hacking artworks we designed. Just as the food is sourced regionally, so is the interior. Our use of hand crafted materials with bespoke furniture and art give the space a unique identity with an inviting touch. We have purposefully designed a simple framework with light-hearted design cues and warm “lived-in” textures and palettes to help you relax and feel at home. This 45-seater restaurant feels bright and welcoming during the day yet intimate and lively at night. From floor to ceiling the combination of its carefully thought out elements, from food and service to decor and branding, means this is a truly unique experience. A “whole” one to be exact… Just like the food. And because it’s just off Club Street, it will appeal to people who want a relaxed environment for social gatherings too.