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The Challenge:

To invade Singapore’s urban art, music and dining scene with a space that gives free reign to all 3 creative styles.

The Solution:

Located at 83 Club Street, we paved the way for a creative revolution in Singapore with an innovative concept that combines urban art, fresh sounds and progressive dining. Part bar, part lounge and part paste-up art space, all of 83 including its design, branding strategy and collaterals, were conceived for the client by The Stripe Collective. Every element was custom-designed and carefully crafted specifically for the space – the furniture, the lighting, the hand-carved paneling, the sculptures and even the life-sized, wooden tigers that greet you as you enter.

The design concept is a playful blend of Steampunk and Urban Free Radical influences. And as with the ever-shifting streets in which Urban Art originated, from month to month 83 will never look the same. Urban artists are invited down to do full wall paste-up’s in spaces curated by Kult’s Creative Director Steve Lawler. As we have coined it at Stripe, “it’s where Jules Verne might meet Banksy for a beer and escargot!”.
Truly a feast for all your senses, 83 is paving the way for a creative revolution in Singapore in more ways than one, “Where inspired dining and drinks collide with urban art and progressive music, beautifully”.