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The Challenge:

To develop a “restaurant-meets-lounge” concept, designed to filter into the neighbouring club (by the same owners) at the Pan Pacific Hotel.

 The core design challenge was to build a space premium enough for dining and yet robust and transformative enough for a more lively “club feeder” crowd and late night bar goers.

The Solution:

To create a space using such robust materials but that still had a premium feel when applied in a contemporary yet classic way – and that looked great when the lights were set up to dining light levels! We also designed several platforms and areas that could transform into private dining/drinking spots and VIP zones later on – a must in club land. And of course, all the lighting was carefully engineered, zoned and dim-able to allow for subtle shifts in ambience throughout the night and during transformation.

 Overall the look and feel is slightly masculine – mainly due to the food concept being centred around steak – but with classic touches of elegance and femininity. Overall, a welcoming materials-led space with an air of New York, that offers intimacy and partying all in one place!