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Here & There

The Challenge:

To develop an F&B space within the newly developed Chijmes, that was dissected down the middle by a walk way. We also needed a concept that would serve both a lunch, dinner and drinks crowd at varying times of the day and week.

The Solution:

To create a space that had a duality to it that served multiple functions. Here & There are the two sides of the space; allowing for Lunch and Dining crowds in “Here” and Light Bites and Bar crowds in “There” – but not exclusively.

With a common use of more natural materials like timbers and metals, and a clear definition between the specific types (for example copper vs brass) we were able to create a rustic yet contemporary environment in “Here” complimented by a more industrial contemporary space in “There”. All the while leaving customers with the distinct feeling they were both part of the same family and encouraging flow between both sides at all times.

The result is a welcoming relaxed space where you can sit and enjoy light bites to full meals, or just savour one of the signature cocktails or a beer while listening to the band… it’s everything you need in one place, right at the heart of Chijmes.