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Jack’s Place

The Challenge

Jack’s Place is a steak restaurant that has become an institution with a special place in many Singaporean’s hearts. It is the restaurant where most people remember having their first steak and is held with a great deal of affection as it was the place to go for a treat in childhood or meet up socially on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Unfortunately in the ever changing Singaporean F&B marketplace it had lost its way and the brand and restaurants needed to be redefined so they would be relevant to a new generation of Singaporean diner.

The Solution

We created a new ‘Jack’s Place’ concept breaking down the experience into three distinct areas, pantry, parlor and dining room, each reflecting the diverse nature of their offer and reflecting the unique heritage of the brand.

The Pantry is ‘Jack’s Place’ new retail offer and has been designed to highlight the provisions the ‘Uncle Jack’ character uses in his kitchen, such as juicy steaks, craft beers and artisan ice-creams, presented as if ‘Uncle Jack’ had just come of his bike from the butcher, farmer and baker all wrapped up in the iconic green check pattern.

Adjacent to the pantry is ‘The Parlor’ an experience aimed at consumers on the go looking for a more informal culinary experience. As such it provides more quick turnaround, indulgent items like premium coffee, cakes and delicious ice cream are on offer. Named the ‘Cola Café’ in homage to the first dining experience opened by JP Pepperdine in the late Sixties, our design is influenced by Singaporean eating-houses of this era with a contemporary twist.

The ‘Dining Room’ builds on the traditional core offer of the ‘Jack’s Place’ brand, a place to relax and enjoy great steak and honest fare with your family and friends. Leather seating, warm grey timber cladding and brass pendent lights provide a cozy atmosphere in a contemporary design, updating the traditional ‘Jack’s Place’ experience.

The result is an exciting new dining concept offering a new interpretation of a Singaporean classic that builds on the brands promise of Steak and more by offering a multi faceted experience.