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The Challenge:

Singapore Land Tower L45 is a huge circular space. The challenge was to divide it up and fulfil the clients dream of an “ultra-lounge bar” on one side and a “premium restaurant” on the other… both sharing the same back-of-house and entrance areas.


The Solution:

We came up with the names EMPIRE (for the lounge bar) and SEAR (for the restaurant) to reflect the offering and premium-ness they wanted to achieve and take into account (especially for Empire) the wonderful 360 degree views across Singapore.


We wanted to express all this in the interior design too, and for SEAR & EMPIRE to also be ideal for corporates looking for something different of an evening yet conducive for business lunches and dinners.


The design for EMPIRE is much more opulent and grand than that for SEAR which has a more rustic feel, while still feeling high end. Throughout the spaces you will see the brands woven into their respective areas through the wall treatments, furniture design and the key interior design elements. Playfulness is much more evident in Empire for example, with the sexy lamps, where in SEAR the oyster bar area had a more elegant vibe. All in all it’s a great destination for drinkers and diners alike.

Photos courtesy Hidden Door Concepts©