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The Challenge:

The ice cream chef and his cake-baking partner wanted to rebrand their previous 2 separate shops into one offering, so the branding task began.

Additionally, their first café unit not only presented us with a small space to work in, requiring enough kitchen space for innovative ice cream creations and baking and decorating cake works of art, but also with a shop unit that had no straight lines, reflective glass side and frontage and a common exhaust duct for all of Serene Centre !


The Solution:

Sugarhaus. Cream & Crumbs Co. was born. The exhaust ducting became the canvas for the story of their creations from field to table. The kitchen was hidden by angled partition walls and the café space was opened up with a minimalist white tile and brown wood design. The result? Ice cream and cakes sit centre-front together, tempting passers by through the glass walls.