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Alter Ego

The Challenge

The Client’s food concept had to integrate a night time greasy food and alcohol service, with a day time healthy Poke bowl menu, at the request of the landlord who had invited them into the space.

The interior design theme to compliment their resulting branding needed to be semi industrial, minimalist and capable of turning into a different vibe come night fall.


The Solution

With the kitchens tucked away, the sweeping curve of The Esplanade space allowed for a great combination of communal tables for groups, high window counters and cement banquettes for couples wanting to take in the view of the Bay and an array of smaller tables, all which picked up the metal, grey and brown theme. At night, the blacklight mural on the feature wall takes on a sinister twist, which, combined with lighting which brings the copper bar to life, turns a sunny café into a bar for indulgencies.